How can I view product contents?

There are many ways to explore our product contents. One option is in the navigation menu under the library just select between OTC or Ethical. Choose any product you want and enroll. Once you enroll, you may now have access to all available content.
Go to OTC Products
Go to Ethical Products

How can I access the Clinical Trials of a product?

Clinical trials are available only for doctor. In the home page, just scroll down and you will find Clinical Trials section. Click and it will display all products that have clinical trials available for viewing. You can also view clinical trials by clicking Explore button in the left side of the page.
Clinical Trials

How can I access products for General Health?

In the home page, scroll down and you will find General Health section. All products that displayed in this section contains General Health contents. You can also find other therapeutic classes in Explore section located at the sidebar menu.
General Health

How can I access products that offers Cough and Asthma?

In the home page, scroll down to find Cough and Asthma section. All products that will appear in this section gives relief for Cough and Asthma. You can also find other therapeutic classes in Explore section located at the sidebar menu.
Cough and Asthma

How can I access products that offers Pain Management?

In the home page, scroll down until you find Pain Management section. All products that will appear in this section contains Pain Management related products. You can also find other therapeutic classes in Explore section located at the sidebar menu.
Pain Management

How can I access products for Vitamins and Supplements?

In the home page, scroll down to find Vitamins and Supplement section. Products that are shown here are the Vitamins and Supplements which the NMPC offers.
Vitamins and Supplements

Does a patient or customer have access to ethical products available in LEAP?

No. These items are available only for registered doctors.

How can a patient view Over the counter (OTC) products in LEAP?

Just click the library and select OTC to view all the over-the-counter products that the NMPC offers. You may also click explore button located at the sidebar navigation.
OTC Products

Can a doctor chat with another doctor registered in LEAP platform?

Yes. Doctors can use the chat feature and exchange communication in real time.

Can a customer use the chat feature of the LEAP platform?

No. Our chat feature is available only for doctors.

Can a customer view NMPC products found in the LEAP platform?

Yes. All OTC (Over the Counter) products that the NMPC offers to its beloved customers can view by the customers or patients. This user can access different types of product content once he/she enrolled the product.

Is Registration in LEAP platform free of charge?

Yes. Doctors and patients can create their account in LEAP. And all product contents and materials that are posted here are available to its clients free of charge. These can be accessed and viewed anytime and anywhere.

How to save Product as Favorites?

After previewing a product in Ethical Result, just tick ‘Save to Favorites’ to add. This will also enable you to fast track viewing of saved products without searching it again by simply clicking Favorites in navigation menu.

How to change your password in Leap?

In navigation menu, click settings then go to Privacy & Security tab. By clicking the Edit button, a window will appear wherein you will be requested to input your existing password and the new preferred password.
To change your password

What if I forgot my password used in logging in?

Go to login page, after the “Sign in” button, click the Forgot password label. Enter your registered email address. Once you receive your temporary password, login again using your username and the password provided to you via email.

How to report encountered bug/s or issue while using the Leap website?

In navigation menu, you can click ‘Send Feedback’. Reported issues or concerns will be sent to our LEAP email.
Our LEAP email: leap@nmpc.com.ph

How to quickly look at the upcoming activities and events?

Click Awareness drop-down button then tick Calendar of Activities. You can also find featured events in the home page just scroll down until you find “Upcoming Events” section.

How to locate the ABTC’s directory and download the file?

In Awareness drop-down menu, tick Rabies Center Directory to view. To download the file, click the URL to view directory and on the upper left side there is a download button.
ABTC’s Page

How to edit your Leap account information?

In navigation menu click settings. Under Account tab you can edit the basic information about yourself as well as the uploading of profile picture.
Account settings

Where to find Articles?

You can find variety of articles found in Entertainment section of the platform. On the navigation menu found at the top of your screen, click Entertainment and select from the various type of articles that the LEAP platform offers.
LEAP also featured articles located at the home page. Just scroll down until you find “Featured Articles” section.

Is my profile visible to other doctors?

No. Your profile is confidential.