About Us

New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) is engaged in importation, sales, promotion and distribution of a diverse specialty line of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical-related products. These products include finished goods, bulk finished, and raw materials and are sourced from international and local partners.

NMPC has a diverse range of products in immunology, urology, nephrology, radiology, and over the counter vitamin supplements.


Began operations as Marketlink International Corp. with 30 Reps nationwide


TAO Corporation acquired MIC and the company became known as New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation


185 strong Sales and Marketing personnel Nationwide

New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC), was borne out of the marketing and distribution expertise of Marketlink International Corporation (MIC). MIC has made significant steps in building and strengthening its position in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry leading to a significant growth of its business over almost one and a half decades.

NMPC began its commercial operations in December 2006. It took over and continued MIC’s expertise in importation, sales, promotion and distribution of a diverse specialty line of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Today, after a decade and five years of providing specialized and quality products, fueled and propelled by the holding Company – TAO Corporation, NMPC has established itself as a respected leader from amongst the national companies in the pharmaceutical industry. It is poised to undertake bolder moves to further fortify its business thereby accomplishing its mission to “save more lives and improve health.”

Our Mission

We save the lives and improve the health of the Filipino people.

Our Vision

We continuously innovate the way we do business in the fulfillment of the right of every Filipino to quality healthcare, in a manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders