Our Mission

We save the lives and improve the health of the Filipino people.

General Health

Over-all physical health and well-being is essential in achieving long-term quality of life. Having knowledge of common diseases and treatments will help you achieve it.

Cough and Asthma

Respiratory ailments, such as cough and asthma, when left untreated may result to more harm. Learn about and know more of the common and natural approaches in treating these ailments.

Pain Management

Relief from various types of pain is important, so you can enjoy life more. Browse more about the common remedies in alleviating pain.


New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) was borne out of the marketing and distribution expertise of Marketlink International Corporation (MIC). MIC has made significant steps in building and strengthening its position in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry leading to a significant growth of its business over almost one and a half decades.

Vitamins and Supplements

Can you take vitamins and supplements together? Understand the benefits of having a daily dose of vitamins and supplements and our body’s sign for deficiencies.

Oral Health and Hygiene

Hygiene practice is not only limited to facial, hand and body washing. Know the hygiene etiquettes and steps in reaching over-all cleanliness and preventing the spread of diseases.

Senior Health

Ageing shouldn’t stop you from doing the things that your love. Getting older will bring senior health related concerns, but there are some health tips, treatments and therapies that may help in preventing these.

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